Are Your labels compliant?

What We do

At Food Labels we offer a both a label compliance auditing and printing service, all under one roof. Our service covers checks for your product labelling and, once our certified specialists have ensured that your labels are legally corrected and compliant, we can offer design, branding, material and adhesive advice, as well as competitive pricing and print quality that is second to none.

Label Compliance consultation

Our specialists are here to help you to understand the complexities of the label compliance regulations and answer your questions.

Compliance audits

Ensure the full compliance of product packaging prior to printing the labels. Compliance checks/reports, corrections, and consultation delivering print- ready label artwork.

Amazon Certification of compliance

Have your print-ready labels certified by now as required by Amazon to demonstrate product labels meet legal requirements.

We cover

Food, drink, supplements & pet food

EU, UK, US and more

Regulatory artwork correction

Multilingual & multi- regional labels

Certification for Amazon

Eco friendly, sustainable, biodegradable labels

Luxury embellishments

Vegan & specialist label materials


Lets Talk

Get in contact with us so we can find out how can we best help you. Our services are tailor-made to suit you

Label Compliance Audit

Our certified compliance specialist will audit your labels and assist you to get them fully compliant. If required we will also carry out regulatory artwork corrections

Get your labels printed

Once compliance work is corrected our print specialists will assist you to find the best suitable label materials and get the labels printed

Benefits of Working With Us


Food label compliance and label printing one stop shop

Label compliance checks and printing labels in the same place mean getting your products on market as fast as possible.

Save time and money and be guided by top industry specialists.


Wide range of options with 30 years of experience

With over 30 years experience, we are immensely proud of the relationships we have formed with our customers. We provide not only your labels, but also proactive, friendly and personal advice as to how to improve the quality of your products whilst at the same time reducing your costs.

If your labels are already compliant and have been checked by Trading Standards, click here to get them printed – we got you covered!
Not sure whether you need a label compliance check? Need compliance advice for a different region? Just have a question – Contact us we would love to assist you