Certification of

The Steps Required for Certification

Amazon UK Label Compliance Requirements

Amazon UK is hot on compliance and now requires a certificate of conformity, which we can provide. Depending on the nature of the product, mandatory information needs to be provided on the product label and must comply with UK law. It is highly advisable to check your labels prior to printing and listing on the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon EU Requirements

The European divisions of Amazon also require a certificate of conformity for label compliance, which we can provide. Our peel and read options are a great way to ensure your design is not impacted when EU regulations require you to display multilingual info for the EU market. Get in touch with us and let our compliance and print specialists help you to find the best options for you.

Certificate of Compliance for Amazon

Amazon requires confirmation of compliance from a accredited 3rd party and a Certificate of Compliance must exist for each food product. In order to have the product listed a certification of compliance is required.

Brand owner as a Food Business Operator placing food products on the market must ensure compliance of the label as well as of the detail page.

For a successful product listing FBO is required to provide evidence that shows that the label is/labels is compliant with relevant UK and/ or EU Regulations.

Obtaining a Certificate of Compliance

1. Full label compliance audit

Our accredited experts will audit your product packaging and issue a compliance report. This will highlight what should be changed. It is highly advisable step prior printing your labels.

2. Compliance audit & corrections

If corrections are required prior printing your labels, our technical designers will correct the product label artwork so that it conforms to UK/EU and Amazon food labeling requirements.

3. Certificate of compliance

When the audit is complete and the relevant corrections have been made, the certificate is provided in print and digital format. The revised artwork forms part of the document.

Benefits of Cerfitifaction of Compliance


Be prepared from day one

Avoid possible sudden delisting by Amazon due to non-certification and have your labels up to date with all the latest regulation updates.

Compliant and certified product labels mean no risk of product withdrawal by retailers/wholesalers.


Ensure compliance on all platforms

Ensure that the correct website text is also available

The certificate will be useful in many other channels alongside Amazon