Food Label Case Studies

Here are a few examples of how Labelservice have been able to help out with food labelling issues. To keep up to date with our latest case studies go to
A dairy company wanted to run a money off on-pack promotion on one of their products. Labelservice supplied a concertina label leaflet with several pages of marketing information, along with a redeemable tear off coupon.


A small regional brewery wanted to launch a new range of beers, but only wanted a short run to test the product first. Labelservice produced digitally printed labels over the various flavours on a high quality PP.


In order to comply with the Food Information Regulations, a condiment manufacturer needed to add much more copy to the label, but only had a limited amount of space on the bottle. Labelservice helped with the design of a peel and reveal label with a second layer, giving them two additional pages of print.


A vineyard was launching a high quality champagne and wanted an equally high quality label to go on the bottle. We took their design and printed onto a cream laid paper, giving the brand an aged antique look. We then added a gold foil and embossed the name of the champagne, giving the label a premium feel.


A startup business was designing a range of labels for their range of jams and marinades. However before they committed to a full production run they required samples for a photoshoot for their website. Labelservice ran off the entire range as free of charge press proofs, enabling them to label their products and give their launch real punch.


A large organic food manufacturer was launching a new range of soups but had issues with the label design. The soup containers were conical, meaning the label needed to be tapered to fit. The customer sent Labelservice the container, along with the ‘flat’ label artwork and our studio used special software to taper the design to fit.

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A nutritions company wanted to rebrand their range of healthy shakes and came to Labelservice to design and print the new work. Our studio designed four different labels for each flavoured product, and they were printed in full colour onto a white PP. An additional gold foil was added at finishing stage to enhance the labels.


A dog food manufacturer had changed their packaging from a clear tray to a brown ‘ribbed’ bag. They wanted a no-label look on the bag but the many different product sorts meant that getting the bags printed was not viable. Labelservice designed and supplied an eye catching clear label, leaving certain areas unprinted so that the bag showed through.


A drinks promotions company wanted to launch a campaign where they could get their customers to enter their information onto a website in the hope of winning prizes. The labels needed to somehow wrap around branded stirrers and contain a unique code that could be entered onto the site. Labelservice designed and printed a peel and reveal label, with the unique code on the second layer. The base label featured an adhesive cured section, enabling the whole product to be wrapped around the stirrer and back onto itself.


A large snack bar manufacturer was having issues with the application of some promotional labels. The sheer volumes involved necessitated machine application, but the high machinery speed was causing the backing paper to break. Labelservice supplied the labels on a clear PET backing, allowing the manufacturer to actually increase the speed of the application.


A cheese manufacturer needed two new labels; a round product label and a tamper seal wrap. Rather than having to spend on two separate jobs, Labelservice designed and printed a two part label set – saving the customer over 50%.


A promotions company used bottled water for various advertising and marketing campaigns. They had an ongoing need for up to 20 different labels every week and needed a maximum of a 72 hour turnaround. The latest digital print technology gave the customer the flexibility of print they needed, whilst we also set up a permanent bi-weekly production slot for them.


A startup company were up against it when, following a product presentation, one of the large supermarkets placed an order for their cakes. The problem was the supermarket gave them 5 days to fulfil the entire order! The client contacted Labelservice, who printed and delivered 18 types of label in 48 hours.


A large frozen foods manufacturer who sold via distributors wanted to find out more about their end user client base. Working with Labelservice, they developed a peel and reveal label where a prize draw enticed the consumer onto a website to leave their personal details. A unique code was printed on the bottom layer, and a QR Code led the customer directly to their website.


A startup nutrition company needed labels for their many product variants. As well as the product labels themselves, they wanted a high quality ‘seal’ to authenticate their brand. Labelservice produced over 700 different label types on a white antique paper, along with a silver seal that included holographic print.