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Food Label Products

Labelservice offer a massive range of self adhesive label products for food and drink manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.
Flexographic Labels – High speed production for larger volume label runs, up to 10 colours.
Digital Labels – Perfect for short run or multiple sort jobs.
Sheeted Labels – Multiple die cut labels on a single sheet, suitable for overprinting by laser or inkjet printers.
Peel and Reveal Labels – 2 or 3 layer products that give you several additional printed pages. Perfect for where you need additional instructional, promotional or legislative copy within the confines of on pack space limitations.
Digital Peel and Reveal Labels – As above, but more suitable for shorter or multiple sort runs. You can also add unique coding for promotional marketing campaigns.
Embossed Labels – Embossing your labels can add a quality feel, widely used in wine and spirit labels.
Antique Labels – We offer a range of antique laid papers to add an earthy, rustic feel to your products.
Reverse Printed Labels – Printing on the adhesive can give you precious extra space for copy, a good example being cooking instructions or suggestions on frozen foods.
Foiled Labels – A gold or silver foil can add a premium feel to your labels.
Booklet and Leaflet Labels – Widely used for on pack promotions such as redeemable money off coupons or competition entries.
Wine Labels – Printed on a wide range of antique laid papers, with an array of finishing options such as spot varnishing, foiling and embossing.
Resealable Labels – Labels with a special adhesive, enabling you to open and reseal packs such as pasta, crisps and salads.
Fragranced Labels – Fragranced inks can be used in the promotions of new food products.
Metallic Labels – Printing onto metallic substrates can add a premium feel to a product such as cheeses or wine.
Clear PET backed Labels – Labels supplied on a clear PET backing are suitable for very high speed machine application.
Press Proofs and Mockups – We can offer digitally printed press proofs suitable for photoshoots or sample products, before committing to a full production run.
Chilled / Deep Freeze Labels – We can supply face papers and adhesives suitable for short or long term storage in chilled and deep freeze conditions.
Tapered Labels – If you require labels for a tapered container, Labelservice can take a standard flat piece of artwork and taper it to shape for you.
Water Bottle Labels – available in large production runs and smaller, multiple sort formats.
Whisky Labels – Printed on a wide range of antique laid papers, with an array of finishing options such as spot varnishing, foiling and embossing.
Direct Food Labels – Special materials and adhesives that are suitable for direct contact with foods such as fruit.
Tamper Seals – On a range of materials, tamper seals ensure product freshness and show signs of product interference.
Quality Seal – An embossed or holographic seal can add a quality mark to your products.
Multi Part Label Sets – If you have a product that requires more than one label (for example a jar with a lid, tamper seal and side label), rather than pay for more than one job we can design a multi part set that covers all of the various aspects in one run.