Label Compliance

Check before you print labels

Brand (product) Owner

UK General Food Law defines a “Food Business Operator (FBO)‟ as the natural or legal person(s) responsible for ensuring that the requirements of food law are met within the food business under their control.

Food Label compliance in the UK

All foods (food supplements included) will be subject to general food labeling requirements and any labeling provided must be accurate and not misleading.

All prepacked food (food supplements included) requires a food label that displays certain mandatory information represented in a manner set out by the UK food labeling regulations.

FBO potential risks

• Costly product recalls and loss of reputation with potential retailer de-listing
• Expensive re-prints, re-labelling, transport and storage costs
• Trading Standards challenges and potentially costly fines
• Retailers may not accept non-compliant label products
• Further issues with retailers, de-listing, product recalls – lost business & opportunity.
• Products to be able to pass to EU/Ireland, require compliant labels, Amazon UK&EU requirements.
• Compliant labels are increasingly necessary to meet EU/Ireland regulatory guidelines as well as Amazon requirements.

Benefits of Good Label Compliance


Reduces risks

Early compliance checks mean reducing the risks of non-compliance and get your products in market as fast as possible.

Get it right in the first go means reducing the risks of expensive re-prints and product recalls.


Satisfied consumers & confidence in your brand

Well infomed consumers have high brand satisfaction and are likely to buy the product again. Well informed brand ownership - Knowing that your label is correct and that you have better understanding what your legal responsibility is.