Consistent Colour for a Consistent Brand

Bad design and low-cost print aren’t very enticing to a consumer. While you don’t have to break the bank on your food labels, it is imperative they have eye-catching shelf appeal and consistent colour. Especially for food labels, colours must be consistent and vibrant, from lot-to-lot, so your product appears appetizing. Also, your customer may perceive that the food label colour variations are due to fading or aging and may not purchase your product because they feel it is old. Your food label image must look authentic.

The usage of colour in advertising is often a very important choice, since colour can have a tremendous psychological impact on people. The national origin of potential buyers, for example, can influence their preference for colour. Lifestyle preferences can also influence which colours are favoured. Vivid primary colours, such as red and blue, used along with white stripes are representative of an active lifestyle.

Blue is one of people’s most favourite colour and is therefore very appealing in many situations. It is appropriate when selling frozen foods, since it creates the impression of ice. It also tends to convey a feeling of honesty and dependability, so it would be a good choice if a brand has a particular need for trust.

Red is the second most preferred colour, after blue. It is the hottest colour available to marketers, often signifying action. This colour can be used to promote soups and meats. Red is also perceived as being very masculine, so it can be used in advertising for products that target men.

Green is looked upon as a symbol of freshness and health. Consumers are more health conscious than ever these days, so green is suitable for many advertising campaigns. This colour can also be used to promote products or services that are environmentally friendly. Since global warming and other environmental issues are important to many people today, such campaigns often make a great impact. Choosing the correct colours to use in an advertising campaign can be a difficult decision. If you need help with your advertising contact us and we will find the right colour choice for your advertising.

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