Labelling for Takeaway Food

Over 7.5 billion takeaways were ordered in the UK last year, and 2020 is set to be even bigger.  With the takeaway business in high demand you will want to ensure you’re one step ahead and fully stocked up, preparing for those busy periods.  Ensuring your business stands out is essential, and with a little thought with your packaging, including the containers, bags and cups, you are half-way there.

Labelling your food is vital for displaying your company logo and raising brand awareness. This includes takeaway food labels, where food is delivered to your customer’s door. Why not make the most of your marketing opportunities and add a label onto the brown paper bag before the takeaway leaves the shop.  This could be a label to seal your bag with your company logo on, you may want to include a promotional offer, or add some labels to the food containers to notify your customers of what’s inside.

Making sure your customers are aware of any allergens is vital since the Natasha Law will come into effect in the summer of 2021.  People who are vegan will want to know if a dish they have ordered is ‘vegan friendly’, some people have nut allergies so if your dish contains nuts, perhaps a simple label stating this could be enough to safeguard your customers health.

The bottom line is to get your name and logo into every house that orders without spending a lot of money on customised packaging. During this pandemic, you might want to wish your customers well and thank them for staying safe at home. If you make the label or sticker a promotional item, your customers will be sure to post it on their fridge for their order. They’ve made the effort to order food from you – make the effort to connect with them. You won’t be sorry.

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