Setting Expectations with Your Food Label

Sandwich Thumb Label

When it comes to labelling products, manufacturers ask them how they can win over customers with so much competition on the shelves. For every type of food and beverage product, there are numerous competing brands; it’s up to you to ensure your version is the most memorable and appealing option available. This is where your custom food labels come in, providing differentiation, information and visual excitement.

Most consumers will take about 2.5 seconds to make a purchasing decision and shoppers have a limited set of visual cues to go on. When you make bold packaging choices, you can help these customers make up their minds. People are emotionally connected to the colours they see on food product labels, which means your choice of hue could be the most important choice in determining how shoppers react to your goods.

Every selection you make when creating a label is significant. From the font to the imagery and the shape of the can, bottle or box, each of these attributes will play a part in setting your brand’s personality. You shouldn’t settle for a generic look on your custom food product labels. From the upscale sophistication of minimal design to the light-hearted fun that comes from bold lettering and bright colours, you can set expectations and differentiate your items from competitors’ versions.

Your labels aren’t just mini billboards for your products; for instance, by including Nutrition Facts panels mandated, you’re giving health-conscious customers the dietary data they’ll use to select a brand. If you’re eager to reach the increasing healthy eating section of the food-buying audience, you can and should emphasize your items’ positive attributes, provided you stay within the acceptable limits of health claims.

Consider tactile labels to entice your potential customer to take your product off of the shelf. The more senses you can engage, the more enticing your product will be. Most people can’t resist taking a product off the shelf if it’s embossed or has something that needs to be felt. Embossing can also give your product an upscale touch.

If you haven’t revised your brand’s food labelling strategy in years, it’s a perfect time to take a second look. When you work with an experienced label printer like LabelService, you can order the exact number of labels you need rather than dealing with inconveniently large order sizes. Add this convenience to quick turnaround times and top-quality customer service, and the re-labelling process becomes simple.

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