Window Sticker Products

Labelservice are industry experts in the supply of all types of window sticker products. They are available in both white and clear materials, and we can supply them on continuous rolls or as singles.

Please see below to see some of the different window stickers that are available:

Permanent Adhesive Window StickersSuitable for industrial applications where the window sticker needs to be in situ for an extended period of time.



Peelable Adhesive Window Stickers

These products allow the window sticker to be easily removed without leaving an adhesive residue behind.



Self Cling Window Stickers

Rather than being adhesive backed, self cling window stickers use static to adhere to smooth surfaces. This allows for easy repositioning, removal and reapplication.



Double Sided Window Stickers

Labelservice can print in full colour on both sides of the window sticker. Each side can either be a mirror image, or have a different visual on the front and back.



Opaque Window Stickers

Some double sided window stickers may have issues with transparency, especially if there is a different image on both sides. Labelservice have developed a fully opaque window sticker, where a thick silver PVC sits between both layers offering zero show through.



Foiling and Holograms

We can also offer various special finishing options, such as the addition of foils and holograms. This is particularly suitable for security products such as parking permits and memberships.